Travelers Property & Casualty Company of America: An Industry Leader in Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance provides vital coverage for businesses and their employees. As one of the largest providers of this type of insurance in the United States, Travelers Property & Casualty Company of America has a long history of serving this important market. This post will provide an in-depth look at Travelers’ workers’ compensation offerings, including the types of plans available, benefits provided, factors that impact premium costs, and the claims process. 

Background on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Before diving into Travelers specifically, it’s helpful to review some key concepts about workers’ compensation insurance in general. This type of insurance provides medical and wage replacement advantages to employees who are injured or become ill in the course of employment. All U.S. states have laws requiring most businesses to carry workers’ compensation coverage as protection for both employers and employees in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses.

The core benefits provided through workers’ compensation insurance include:

  • Medical expenses – Paying all reasonable and necessary medical treatment resulting from a work-related injury or illness. This includes doctor visits, hospital care, prescription drugs, physical therapy, medical equipment, and more.
  • Wage replacement – Paying a portion of lost wages for employees who cannot work due to a covered injury, typically 66-2/3% of average weekly wages. Benefits are subject to state-mandated maximums.
  • Vocational rehabilitation – In some cases, funding job retraining or educational programs to help injured employees return to suitable work.
  • Permanent disability benefits – Providing long-term compensation in cases where a workplace injury causes permanent impairment or disability.

This no-fault system is a compromise where employees give up the right to sue their employers for negligence but, in return, receive guaranteed benefits without having to prove fault or negligence. It provides critical financial protection and fosters faster claims resolution outside of the court system. Workers’ compensation is mandatory in all states except Texas.

Travelers’ History and Experience in Workers’ Comp

Travelers trace its roots back to 1853 as one of the oldest insurance providers in the U.S. Following several mergers over the decades, Travelers became part of The Travelers Companies in 2004. Today, Travelers is a leading writer of commercial insurance products, with $29 billion in written premiums in 2019.

Travelers have specialized in providing workers’ compensation coverage since the early 20th century when this type of insurance began emerging as a new market. With over 100 years of experience, Travelers offers broad expertise in underwriting this line of business and administering claims. Some key aspects of Travelers’ history include:

  • Pioneered efficient claims services and return-to-work programs starting in the 1920s-30s to help injured employees recover quickly.
  • The first insurer to establish dedicated claims offices across the country with local adjusters to handle each case properly.
  • Continued developing innovative safety and loss prevention services through the latter 20th century as the preferred workers’ comp carrier for many industrial firms.
  • Now insures over 225,000 clients across all 50 states, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses.

With this impressive legacy and market-leading scale, Travelers has developed deep technical knowledge of workers’ compensation guidelines, risks, and best practices in every state and industry. It offers a full spectrum of workers’ comp solutions tailored to the unique needs of different customer profiles.

Travelers’ Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan Options

Like most major insurers, Travelers provides both guaranteed cost and retrospective rating plans for workers’ compensation coverage. Employers can select the best option based on their industry, claims history, and risk appetite.

Guaranteed Cost Plans

Guaranteed cost plans, also known as policy rate plans, have fixed annual premiums that don’t adjust based on actual claims experience. Rates are set using payroll figures, danger class codes, and loss experience for similar businesses. Premiums are paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Advantages of guaranteed cost plans include stable budgeting ability and predictable annual costs. However, premiums may not fully reflect a company’s own loss experience over time. Guaranteed cost plans work well for smaller businesses or those with good loss records.

Retrospective Rating Plans

With retrospective plans, the initial premium is adjusted after the policy term based on actual claim payouts over that period. Premiums are settled retrospectively to account for the true costs. If claims are lower than expected, the employer receives a premium credit. Higher claims result in additional premium charges.

This performance-based approach more closely ties costs to individual risk. It benefits companies that are able to control and manage their own losses effectively. However, it introduces premium volatility based on unexpected claims. Retrospective plans are best for larger firms with strong safety programs and loss histories.

Travelers also offer specially designed plans for employers in higher-risk occupations like construction, trucking, energy, and more. Multistate coverage is available as well to serve national accounts. Policy enhancements provide add-on coverage for things like catastrophic injuries over $1 million.

Factors Impacting Workers’ Comp Premiums

Determining the right premium for a workers’ compensation policy involves underwriting many risk factors:

  • Industry/operations – Hazardous jobs like manufacturing, mining, and utilities face higher premiums due to injury risks. Office work carries lower costs.
  • Payroll – Premiums are calculated as a percentage of total taxable payroll to account for higher exposure from larger workforces.
  • Loss history – Prior claims experience, modification factors, large losses, and open claims impact renewal pricing upwards.
  • Safety measures – Employers proactively minimize hazards through training, PPE use, and safety programs to earn premium credits.
  • Employee classifications – Jobs are coded by duties/hazards, and different risk class codes carry distinct premium rates.
  • Employee demographics – Age, gender, and other attributes influence the odds of certain injuries.
  • State – Regulations, benefit schedules, and costs vary significantly between jurisdictions.

Travelers’ underwriters thoroughly evaluate each applicant across these dimensions. They leverage data science to most accurately correlate premiums with expected losses for fair pricing. Online premium estimators are also available through Travelers to provide instant quotes for comparative research.

The Travelers Claims Process

A seamless claims experience is critical for injured workers as well as policyholders. Travelers prides itself on industry-leading claims services through every step:

Reporting an Injury

Employers should report all work-related incidents within 24 hours by calling Travelers’ claim reporting hotline or submitting online reports through their policy portal. Injured employees receive an explanation of benefits.

Medical Care Coordination

Travelers’ local adjusters work closely with doctors and employers to approve proper treatment promptly using evidence-based medical guidelines. Care is directed to Travelers’ exclusive provider organizations whenever possible for quality, affordability, and easier billing.

Wage Replacement Benefits

Adjusters determine wage loss benefit amounts based on local statutes and promptly initiate lost time payments to speed recovery. They actively work to return employees to suitable work as soon as they are medically authorized.

Claims Management

Each reported claim is personally handled by a dedicated claims examiner focused on fast, attentive service. They handle settlements, coordinate return-to-work efforts, audit medical bills, and ensure full statutory benefits.


If necessary, professional field investigations validate claim details, check for fraud, and support fair claim decisions. Travelers’ medical consultants likewise review treatment plans for appropriateness.

Specialized Services

For severe injuries, Travelers coordinates Social Security applications, vocational rehabilitation, and lifetime benefits. The carrier’s size enables access to top medical specialists across a wide treatment network.

The goal throughout is to ensure full statutory benefits while delivering the highest possible standard of care and ongoing support in collaboration with all parties. Many policyholders find this hands-on partnership extremely valuable.

Travelers’ Suite of Risk Management Services

In addition to insurance policies, Travelers complements its offerings with extensive risk management and safety resources available for clients of all sizes:

Online Safety Library

A digital collection of hundreds of articles, checklists, posters, and tools offering practical guidance on OSHA regulations, injury prevention best practices for various industries, driver safety, and more.

On-Site Risk Assessments

Safety engineers visit customer locations to pinpoint hazards, conduct tests like noise monitoring, and issue customized reports detailing recommended controls and compliance upgrades.

Training Programs

Live and online training classes address high-risk topics such as fall protection, machine guarding, forklift operation, excavation safety, contractor safety oversight, and driver defensive techniques.

Consulting Support

Expert advisors assist with safety program development, sample policies/procedures, compliance audits, emergency response planning, and system implementation tailored to each unique workplace.

Discounts for Loss Prevention

Up to 25% premium credits are available for clients embracing Travelers’ risk engineering services or achieving favorable inspection scores and claims modifications.

This multifaceted safety support creates substantial policyholder value by preventing injuries, ensuring regulatory compliance, and lowering long-term costs – along with earning Travelers’ clients preferred-partner status.

FAQs about Travelers’ Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This section addresses some frequently asked questions about Travelers’ workers’ compensation offerings:

What are the requirements for getting a quote?

To obtain a quote, you’ll need to provide basic business information, including your organization’s name, address, industry type, number of employees, and annual payroll. Travelers may also want details about any prior injuries or claims. Quotes are usually available within 1-2 business days.

How long are policies effective?

Most Traveler’s workers’ compensation policies are written for a one-year term. However, multi-year policies are also available for two or 3-year periods, offering more long-term stability and discounted rates.

What happens if we have a claim under the policy?

If an employee is injured on the job, you should promptly report the incident to Travelers. They will assign an experienced claims adjuster to handle the case, authorize medical treatment, and process any owed wage replacement or other benefits according to state laws. Their goal is effective claims resolution with a minimum of disruption.

Can we add coverage enhancements?

Yes, Travelers provides various options to customize coverage. For example, you may add professional employer organization agreements, coverage for out-of-state employees, coverage for sole proprietors/partners, and stop-gap liability protection in monopolistic states.

How do payment plans work?

Payment for workers’ comp insurance is usually made in installments to ease cash flow. Most common options include annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly automated payments from a bank account. Down payments may also be required depending on factors like premium size and creditworthiness.

What happens if we need to make a change to the policy?

Contact your Travelers agent or underwriter to request changes, such as adding new classes, increasing limits, removing locations, or modifying payroll estimates. They will review the request and issue an endorsement to properly document approved changes. Premium adjustments may apply depending on the alteration.


Workers’ compensation coverage provides vitally important protections. As a market leader, Travelers brings immense experience in thoroughly addressing the complex risks faced within this line of business. Their tailored policies, attentive claims handling, and extensive risk management services establish valued partnerships that go beyond just insurance to actively prevent injuries and control costs for policyholders over the long term. For businesses seeking the highest level of expertise and customer service in workers’ compensation, Travelers stands out as a premier choice.


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