How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

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How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

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Would you like to know how to connect ppsspp multiplayer on Android without an internet connection?

PPSSPP is a free and open-source PSP emulator for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo Switch, BlackBerry 10, MeeGo, Pandora, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Symbian with an increased focus on speed and portability. Wikipedia

The best thing about PPSSPP games in multiplayer mode with your friends is that you do not need an internet connection to play PPSSPP games in multiplayer mode. There are tons of PPSSPP games available online, many of which can be played in multiplayer mode.

It doesn’t require WI-FI or an internet connection to play the PPSSPP game with your friends, because you simply need two Android devices and the PPSSPP app.

You simply need to turn on the hotspot on your Android device and then connect it to another Android device in order to run multiplayer on PPSSPP Android. Start any PPSSPP multiplayer game with the same IP address in both PPSSPP settings.

Android PPSSPP Multiplayer Games


PPSSPP multiplayer On Android And PC

They are amazing, aren’t they? Yes, of course. If you scroll down after watching how to play multiplayer on PES on Android and PC, you’ll see many more. For you to learn how to use this PPSSPP multiplayer game emulator, you must follow the steps provided here. The settings I shared are nothing but the right ones” because that’s how I did mine and it’s working perfectly.



how to connect ppsspp multiplayer


How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

Here are the steps you can follow to set up your PPSSPP app to play multiplayer games on your Android device if you want to play PPSSPP multiplayer games on your Android device.


1. Turn on Hotspot on Android Device

PPSSPP Android multiplayer games require you to turn on your mobile hotspot first.

The Hotspot can be enabled by going to your device settings or by swiping down the notification panel on your Android device.

You can play games without an internet connection if you don’t have one.


2. Connect the Hotspot to another Android device

Connect the second Android device to the hotspot created by the first device by turning on its WI-FI.

Don’t connect to any other device or WiFi network except the first device hotspot.

You will not be able to play the game multiplayer if both devices aren’t connected.


3. Change the IP address on both PPSSPP app Settings

The IP address of your second device can be found in the settings of your second device, then by clicking on about device.

Copy the IP address from your second device or write it down.

On both devices, open the PPSSPP app, click on Settings>Networking>IP address, and then replace the current IP address with the new one you copied or wrote down beforehand.

On both Android devices, follow the same steps and ensure the IP address is the same.

4. Enable networking and hoc server

The first option is “Networking/WLAN” and the second is “built-in PRO ad hoc server”.

On both Android devices, make sure these options are enabled,

If you do not enable this option, your game will not run or you will encounter problems while playing.

5. Set Port offset between 5000 – 6000

In the Networking section, scroll down and you will see an option called Port offset. Click on that option and set the number between 5000 and 6000.

There are some games that require a smaller port offset, for example 5100, 5200, or 5300. 5100, 5200, 5300. Alternatively, there were some games that required a high port offset, for example, 5500, 5600, 5700, and even more.

If you see a message like change post offset when setting up the game, Then just increase or decrease some port offset.

Important: Make sure both of the devices have the same number of Post Offset

6. Setup the Game

Finally, you need to set up your game, first open the game to set it up, then select wireless or network. Other games may have different options.

Create a match on your first device and then search for it on your second device. If you find the match on your second device, click on it to join.

Once you join the game, just start a match and your multiplayer game will work as expected.

Change the value on the port offset settings if you see a port offset problem while setting the game.


7. Now Enjoy the Game

You should be able to play any multiplayer game on your Android device if you follow all the steps.

The games do not all support multiplayer mode, so you need to try different kinds of PPSSPP multiplayer games.

Check the FAQ section below for solutions to all the problems you may encounter while playing multiplayer PPSSPP games.


Is an internet connection required to play PPSSPP multiplayer games?

To play any game in multiplayer mode using the PPSSPP emulator, simply turn on your hotspot and connect it to another device.

How to fix the “fail to connect to ad hoc server” problem?

PPSSPP fails to connect to an ad hoc server when both devices are not connected to each other or when IP addresses are not the same on both devices.

Verify that both devices are connected via hotspot and Wi-Fi, or that their IP addresses are the same.

Make sure that devices are properly connected, and if the IP address is not the same, then make sure that it is.

How to fix the UPnP problem in PPSSPP Multiplayer?

In the networking section of the PPSSPP app settings, you can disable UPnP if you are experiencing issues connecting both devices.

Since this option is not important, you can disable it in your PPSSPP app settings.


Can I use cheats in PPSSPP Multiplayer games?

The majority of PPSSPP multiplayer games support cheat options, but not all of them. You can test if the cheat works in your PPSSPP game.

Just move on to the next game if it doesn’t work, or if it does, enjoy it.

Hopefully after reading this post you will understand How to Play Multiplayer on PPSSPP Android, as well as How to use Cheats in PPSSPP Android/PC (Step-by-Step).

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