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Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls

Name Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.9.9
Size 1 GB
Mod? no
Category Role Playing
Price Free
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Attack On Time Kaisen Of Girls

An original Japanese company developed “Attack on Time”, an idle RPG full of beautiful girls. Game specialties include cute young girls dressed in different outfits, from office ladies to students in uniform, big sisters undressing, cool beach girls… There is no doubt that your imagination will be thoroughly penetrated!

【True Love Makes You Stronger!】
Not only will the beautiful girls follow you into battle, but you can also touch them, give them gifts, date them, and even interact with them on a “deep” and meaningful level. Experience the ambiguous sweetness that is more than friends but not quite lovers. Immerse in the passion of each other’s undying vows! (But do be careful to avoid them fighting over you~)

【Starring Japan’s A-List CV Lineup!】
Featuring Inori Minase, Yuki Aoi, Akari Kitou, and many other top Japanese voice actors. Using their voices to bring an extravaganza of girls to life! Creating an auditory feast full of pure and sexy Japanese-style beautiful girls!

【Idle Game – Play and Chill!】
In addition to all that dating, you can also experience easy and interesting battles, making you the strongest “time management master”! 30 minutes online every day gets you rich resources and rare items. Smash through those stages like a boss!

【Sweet, or Spicy? Have It All!】
Pure first love, domineering big sister, cute beast girl, curvy and passionate… Over 100 beautiful girls with diverse personalities to keep you company! They are your partners and your sword, they can banish your lonely nights, and help you win glory on the

【For Gentlemen with Similar Interests】
Gentlemen assemble in Attack on Time! Thanks to the powerful chat functions in-game, share your likes and interests, and release the other side of you under the daily mask! Heh heh

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls - 1.9.9
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